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Sep 8, Electronic Arts says it is fixing a system in The Sims 4 that forbids characters with gay names or descriptions being uploaded to a public gallery. Aug 9, I made a gay sim for the first time in my whole game! Check out Sydney's let's play episodes!. This mod making your sims become heterosexual or homosexual only. And if you choose homosexual, the romantic interaction become gone for opposite gender Sims 4. 76 Comments / replies (Who?) 32, Downloads.

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Since The Sims 4 launched last week, some players have discovered that sims 4 gay game won't let them share Sims through its online "Gallery" system if they use words pornhub gay bodybuilder "gay," "homosexual," or "queer" in gta ballad of gay tony yusuf character's name or description. EA told Kotaku today regal 3360 boat trailer hookup it's aware of this problem and is fixing it. Kotaku first received a tip about The Sims 4's prohibition against sharing characters that had certain LGBT-focused terms attached to them in the form of a YouTube video by German gamer Anna Eichenauer, who makes gaming and pop culture-themed videos for her channel " Why Stuff Is Great. The game's text is in German, but it's still pretty clear what's going on. Basically, The Sims 4 allows you to create and name a character any way you want.

Same-sex relationship

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Same-sex relationship

A new update will introduce Dela Ostrow and Mia Hayes to the game's core characters Sims 4 gay

Aug 21, So me and my partner just got the Sims 4 and we really want to create a gay couple. Don't get me wrong, I like straight couples but I don't like girls so it would be. Sep 8, Since The Sims 4 launched last week, some players have let them share Sims through its online "Gallery" system if they use words like "gay,". Aug 23, The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, the latest expansion in the longrunning franchise, offers something special for gay gamers. No, not gay pets: It's the. Jun 3, Earlier this year, Russia slapped an R18+ rating on the soon-to-be-released The Sims 4 videogame, in compliance with its law restricting the. The Sims 4 was the first time that two gay men would show up in a game. They were in the main neighborhood that came with an expansion, they were explicitly . Sep 20, It's time for us to welcome some new children into the world! First we get to meet Patricia's baby, and then we get to have our own! The Sims 4. Sims 4 Gay

Do you have lesbian/gay couples with biological kids?

Two Years Later, The Sims 4 Sex Mods Have Gotten Intense SIMS 4 GAY

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Same-sex relationship Two male Sims kissing in The Sims 3. Rhuaridh Marr is Metro Weekly's managing editor. Tell me how. sims 4 gay